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About Us

Our Story


Our Association began in 2012 with a small group of law enforcement officers forming the Copper Corridor Police Association.  In 2014 with the addition of the Prescott Police Association, the Northern Arizona Police Association (NALEA) was formed. 

Today as we did in 2012, we believe in transparency and aggressive member representation.  This practice has led to several other officers in nearby Counties wanting to join our group. The philosophy of “our members first” allowed our membership to swell and ultimately resulted in the formation of the Arizona Law Enforcement Association (AZLEA).  As AZLEA we have been able to expand our member benefits and have developed a dedicated staff that has elevated our professional law enforcement group status adding to the success of our members working for 33 different agencies. 

Our geographic diversity allows us to represent Sworn, Detention and Civilian personnel in Law Enforcement across the State of Arizona in administrative, criminal and civil related matters.

Legal Protections
Political Representation
Media Relations

Arizona Law Enforcement Association,
supporting our members …

We are a 501(c)(5) non-profit public service organization whose mission is to represent the collective interest of our member associations in matters involving legal perspectives, compensation, benefits, and retirement security.

Our Leadership…

Matt Medina


Sergeant Matt Medina began his career with the Prescott Police Department in 2007 as a patrol officer. Throughout his career, he has served as a Lead Advisor of the Prescott Explorer Post, a SWAT operator, and a motor officer. In 2016, as Lead Police Officer he was voted in as President of the NALEA and  served on the Arizona Peace Officer Standards & Training (AZPOST) Board, selected to serve on the Board by Governor Ducey in 2018. He is a Big in Blue with Big Brothers Big Sisters, believes in servant leadership, and considers it a privilege to serve the citizens and visitors of Prescott. He has lived in Prescott with his wife of 29 years and two children since 2005.

Tracy Cooper


Tracy is a 17-year law enforcement veteran from three separate Northern Arizona law enforcement agencies with combined experience of patrol, detective, frontline supervisor, and a certified general instructor. Also included in her extensive resume are HGN certification, HGN Instructor, Phlebotomist, Field Training Officer, and previously certified as an firearms armorer. Her general philosophy and dedication to servant leadership makes her a perfect fit as the president for the Williams Police Department Association and treasurer for the Arizona Law Enforcement Association.

Mike Fane

Operations Manager

Mike lives, works, and volunteers in Gila County. He retired after 28 years public service in Law Enforcement with decades of courtroom experience in testimony, rules and procedures while building professional relationships with Judges, Attorneys and Litigants.

He supervised the Gila County Sheriff’s Office Safe Schools Program, which included 3 SRO Deputies. His role included teaching law related education to students and staff, keeping our schools safe. Partnered with Justice Court and Probation implementing a truancy reduction program, brought the We-Tip Crime Reporting Hotline to Gila County, and taught our Gila County youth gun safety with the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program.

He is a past President of ASROA , Arizona School Resource Officers Association.

Levi Bolton

Executive Director

Levi has served just over 32 years as an active duty police officer for the City of Phoenix Police Department.  During his career he worked in Patrol, training Bureau, Crime Prevention Unit, Crime Analysis Unit, Community Action Officer, Detective Property Crimes, Neighborhood Response Unit, Tactical Response Unit, Law Special Unit and a full-time release officer as an Executive Board member of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.  Levi is trained polygraph examiner and certified as a mediator and served as one of the City of Phoenix Resolve employee mediators. He is a former faculty member of the National Law Enforcement Institute and instructed Interview Techniques for the Arizona School of Polygraph Science.

Following his retirement from the City of Phoenix in 2008, Levi was employed by the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association as a lobbyist and criminal justice liaison to work with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office as Brady vs. Maryland and Rule 15 issues.  Levi served 5 years as the Executive Director of the Arizona Police Association.  Levi has served as a panelist  serving on a study committee for the Arizona House of Representatives on PTSD – Hyperbolic  Treatment,  His service as a panelist continued with appointments to Senate Committee on Body Worn Cameras.  Levi is also an AZPOST certified general instructor and has a bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate degrees in criminal justice.

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