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legislative Agenda

2022 AZLEA Legislative Recap

One of the primary objectives and purpose of the Arizona Law Enforcement Association is to protect the interest of our members and the public. The Arizona State Legislature began its 55th session on January 11, 2022. There were over 1700 bills introduced, the most in history. Here are some of the law-enforcement-related bills that have been introduced and are being monitored by the association (AZLEA) and our lobbyist.

For further information and updates on these and other current bills, please check the Arizona Legislature’s bill status inquiry page at;

At the end of the session, we will provide an update on the legislative session.

(Political Action Committee)

PAC Contributions

With the challenges facing law enforcement today, we need your help. We need your help to ensure we can maintain public safety. There are many politicians that are actively calling for “Defunding the Police” as violent crime and unrest are increasing in our communities. They want to eliminate laws that keep you safe and take away tools and equipment that allow officers to do their jobs safely. They do not want to hold criminals accountable, while at the same time taking away police officers due process rights.

We must stand in opposition to unreasonable and failed policy ideas that will make it harder for law enforcement to keep you and your family safe. Our community and way of life depend on the rule of law and fair justice for ALL.

Please contribute to the AZLEA PAC and join our efforts.

Legislation We Support

Legislation We Oppose

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